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July's Recommended Resource: The Case for Christ

The Case for Christ: A Journalist's Personal Investigation of the Evidence for Jesus by Lee Strobel

I can think of few apologetics books that would be more worthy of recommendation for Christian readers than Strobel's work. First published in 1998 and recently updated in 2016, this book has been an engaging and encouraging resource for over two decades.

Lee Strobel is a former investigative reporter. When his wife became a Christian, he set out on a quest to use his investigative reporting skills to disprove Christianity. Ultimately, though, he came to the opposite conclusion, and this book is the fruit of his investigation. There are many reasons to commend it. I will list a few and (hopefully) leave you wanting to read it for yourself!

1. The Interview Format Makes for Easy Reading

Each chapter of the book is an interview between Strobel and the scholar he is questioning. In each case, he rigorously interrogates those experts to determine if there is any possible way that they are wrong. This unique writing format leaves the book feeling very conversational. So, although you are getting tons of detail-specific information, you don't feel like you're reading a textbook. Instead of dozing off, you feel engaged in the conversation!

2. The Information is Clear but Compelling

Another great thing about this book is the simple information it presents. It is logical, simple, and well-articulated. Even unbelieving skeptics (e.g., Strobel) walk away from this book feeling challenged by the compelling arguments for the reliability of the New Testament and its account of Jesus. If you want the closest thing possible to an objective look at the facts without sacrificing readability or content, this is the book for you!

3. The Sources are Scholarly and Honest

Strobel interviews well-respected, well-educated, qualified, and capable men in this book. Every person he questions is an expert in the discussed field, having devoted their lives to researching and answering the same questions that Strobel brings to the table. They are all first-rate scholars who are unwilling to bend the evidence toward their conclusion. What you walk away with is an honest evaluation of the evidence by intellectuals who won't skirt around big questions or objections.

My recommendation? Read it yourself. You won't be disappointed!

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